SA Pics and info

First off, new screenshots; Click the picture for a bigger version.

Pervert!All they wanted was the time....Fox discovered shooting methene pockets was NOT a good idea...Finially, Fox finished his new Puzz-3D...Fox Enters the ring...

"But this is all sudden"...."hay, is that Krystal NEKKID?"Sure, it's big, but look at the location..."So, where are we?"Brown Jumpsuit time....

Now, for some game info.

Memory blocks

Starfox Adventures will only require three memory blocks to save the system file, which can store three save games, options and configurations, and interestingly, high scores...

Game size

Although multi-disk rumours did start doing the rounds, it has now been confirmed that Starfox Adventures will ship on one Gamecube disk, in the normal packaging. Don't let this bother you, though - One Gamecube disk can fit over 40 copies of Zelda; Ocarina of time on.....


Game length

With Nintendo's new "Short and sweet" strategy bringing about quick 9 hour games like Luigi's mansion and Pikmin, some people were worried they would be short changed on the game length. Now, all fears can be cast aside, as NoA have given the game an estimated finishing time of 60+ hours, the same as Zelda; Ocarina of time

Release dates

Europeans, take a deep breath...

This poster was snapped in a Japanese game shop;

At the bottom right corner of the poster below, it states the big day in the land of the rising sun is now September 27th. We know have dates for all three territories;

America        September 23

Japan            September 27

PAL                November 4 (TBC)

So, they can translate the game into the hardest language in the world in four days, yet they cant bring it out ten miles down the road from where it was developed in the same month. Bastards.   

Starfox DVD

In the E3 aftermath, the UK's NGC Magazine gave a DVD away in their July issue, which included a 5 minute Starfox trailer. Here are some stills from it.



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