Is Nintendo trying to kill us? Not only do they give Starfox to their premiere British developer, but they licence ANOTHER Starfox game to a proven industry veteran


Namco (of Soul calibre and Pac-man fame) has been given the go-ahead to create the true Starfox 64 squeal. Unlike Dinosaur Planet, this game will be a pure flight sim/shooter. This also improves the chances of seeing the fabled Starfox 2 on the GBA to utilise the link-up feature.

Also this solves "Falco's solo career" mystery....

Other than that, nothing else is known about the game, except t is pencilled in for April 2003 (Unlike Rare, Namco stick to deadlines...)

Don't expect to hear anything else about this until August's Spaceworld.

All images Namco/Nintendo 2002