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At this weeks E3 (Electronic Entertainments Expo), Nintendo showcased a deluge of games, including Zelda GC, Mario Sunshine, and..... Starfox Adventures!

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Good news on the release date front, too - Sept 10th still holds for the US, with a fully optimised, PAL 60hrz version hitting Europe, Australia and New Zealand sometime in November. We bloody love you, Rare!

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Terry had no idea the trouble in store for him as he went to do his weekly shopping..."F-Fox.... Why does it say "attack" up there?"Rock bottomlittle did he know that Fox, fed up of his sarcastic comments, had filled the ball with gelygnite..."Delay MY game, would you? Take that!"

Not the ideal toruist veneu..."I say, old bean, you wouldn't be able to remove the plunger some vagrient stuck on my head?From a technicial point of hiew, he was screwed.Fox knew he souldn't have eatan that curry before take-off....The matrix - Rare style.

I managed to track down someone who actually played the E32K2 build of the game, and this is what he had to say;

"Star Fox, I played probably the least. I also played this at the Cube Club event in Los Angeles last year (although I didn't have to slip unnoticed into that particular event.) Sadly, I didn't see anywhere near the entire demo, but the graphics were able to impress me as I wandered aimlessly about a dinosaur village (or what certainly looked like one, at least.) The one thing I can say for certain is that the voice acting is nice. I couldn't hear the musical score, as it was REALLY loud in Ninty's booth, but the screen next to the one I was playing on had the volume cranked up a bit and I heard a bit of voice acting. Krystal's is especially nice; she talks in a believable foreign language. (It kind of reminded me of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, for any who have seen it.) Fox's voice is great, and the shopkeeper who I heard talk had a funny accent that made him seem much quirkier than he would have otherwise (and I'm certain that was Rare's intent.) I then proceeded to get lost in the shop (You know a game is going to be huge when you get lost in a SHOP) and had to pass the controller on to a more worthy gamer than myself. "


Plus, we have the E3 Starfox Video, and at 900Kb, how could you not download it?

Download 001.mpg

Video in Windows media format - may require codex download

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