SA pics & vids

To coincide with it June 10th launch date announcement, Those lovely chaps and chapesses at tycross have given us some new high quality screenshots and a new video, featuring parts of the opening sequence.

"So.... do you have marshmellows?"yes, you go that way for.... What? what are you looking at? Anyone would think I didn't have a leg to stand on...

Yeah, I'm confused too.....

In this battle sequence, we get some idea of how the controls work. The Z-targeting system, last seen in Mojara's mask, that was used in the E3/spaceworld builds of SA has been dropped, replaced with an "automatic targeting" system


Also, the action buttons are context sensitive, like in Zelda, changing depending on the current situation.


In the top left are what look like health and magic bars, with Tricky's gauge underneath. In the picture he is distracting the enemies. If sources are to believed, your loyal sidekick is assigned actions using a C-stick "quick flick" system. The other two look like (yet more) cutscenes


When you've finished drooling, check out the video here