SA changes, pictures, and dates

Look at these four pictures, and spot the difference;

Fox before........And after.

 Old logoNew, super-flashy, logo.

As you can see, The game has undergone a bit of a change. Fox has undergone a slight change, looking better then ever. all the characters models have recently been upgraded to display state-of-the-art real-time fur-rendering; Yep - each of the bristles is an individual polygon!

Also, the logo has changed, looking more like the SNES original.

Good news on the release date front, too. Although not set in stone, it's pencilled in for a March 25 stateside launch, and Japan around August.

Now, the good news is that it's highly likely that Starfox will be a launch game for Europe. The bad news is that no-one knows when the heck that is. With X-Box launching March 14th, expect 'cube around April/May. Hopefully.

Enough of my ramblings - onto the new shots of the game. Click on the image for a bigger pic and some more info. Try not to loose control of too many bodily functions...

The fur flys...What the.....Riverside trekMission ordersWhatever...Fur-king good!Tied-up dino

Fire FoxA Friendly chat....Light Fight!outfoxedFox fightFox fight IIStruck by inspiration

Krystal clearKrystalBlue auraGeneral ScalesAsteroid beltSkies of purpleWhat the heck?

A boss

All images Rare/Nintendo 2001