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"At last! Fox McCloud and friends return in a truly epic Zelda-beater."

Yes, you read it right. The new Starfox game has pulled trumps on the all-conquering Zelda 64. pretty impressive, don't you think?

"Starfox Adventures is set eight years after the defeat of the evil space-monkey, Andross. Fox McCloud, under orders from General Pepper, has been assigned to investigate the happenings on the peaceful, primitive world of Dinosaur Planet. This ancient and untouched paradise has recently been invaded by General Scales, a vicious leader with one thing on his mind - chaos"

Hmm. A little different from the usual RPG plot. Ironically, this apts the back-story of Starfox/Starfox 64, where Venom used to be an unspoilt planet, until Andross got his grubby little mitts on it.


Now, for the juicy stuff. Here is a list of characters who help Fox on his quest.


Possibly the worst Arwing pilot in existence, Slippy's 'talents' will come into play now more than ever. The technically-gifted amphibian is your main source for newly developed gadgets and powerful weaponry.

An accomplished Arwing veteran and a trusted friend to Fox McCloud, Peppy is always on hand with sound advice. In charge of Mission Support, Peppy's jobtask is to tell Fox where to go next.

The cybernetic wonder from Lylat Wars makes a welcome return to help out Fox's quest. His main task is to ensure that operations run smoothly, by supplying Fox with much needed supplies.

This lady animal's past is shrouded in secrecy after her capture by an ancient race known only as the Krazoa. Her advice is always reliable, and she'll prove to be a resilient and agile fighter in tight situations.

Or Prince Tricky as he's known. Despite his regal standing, he's a right mouthy little blighter who insists on tailing Fox wherever he goes. But he's not a hindrance - in fact, he's downright indispensable, as, using the C-stick, you can command him to undertake a number of tasks, like leading enemies away from important areas, guarding Fox from attack, and alerting you to any dangers which may lie ahead. You can expect Rare to make innovative use of this partnership throughout the adventure.

So, We've now found out that the job of controlling the Trickster is assigned to the C-Stick, The Gamecube's secondary analog stick. It was designed mainly for camera control, but Rare just have to mess with tradition....

Now, where does Fox gallivant off to on his adventure? Over a massive 12 planets, that's where! here are a selection of areas in the game

Lush pastures give way to large forests - the habitat of some impressive grazing beasts. What really caught our eye were the snow-capped mountain ranges far off in the background - and before you ask, yes, you can run over and explore them if you so wish.

This snow-covered landscape leads to an expansive ice sheet. The reflection of Fox and Tricky as they run to safety is impressive enough, but it's the wind-swept snow and realistic weather effects which really did it for us. Incredible.

One of the first sections we played, and fantastically impressive. Here, Fox has to escape from the planet's prison. The lighting effects and real-time shadows are awesome, as torches flicker to reveal enemy-infested corridors and dimly lit doorways.

Ancient Ruins
It's here that we witnessed some of the finest visuals in Starfox. The detail on the surrounding architecture is stunning, featuring crumbling villas, towering arches and spiraling walkways which scroll more gracefully than you could possibly imagine.


The big question was when is it going to be released. Well, it will definitely be coming out in the US first, as it will have to be translated for Japan, and converted to 60Hrz for PAL. Earlier in the year, launch and Christmas were mentioned, but these look increasingly unlikely. The US is probably looking at Q1 2002 to get their hands on this 8cm disk that has accomplished so much. The future's looking bright for Europe/Oceania, though. As the GC won't be out until February/March, the chance of seeing it as a launch game is quite high, and failing that, It will almost certainly be out for Easter. Japan? Probably Q2 2002.


Hopefully, When I go to Ninovation in November, I'll get to actually Play SF:DP!


Oh, and just for good measure, another pic of Smash. Bros; Fox and Ness (From Earthbound) Going at it hammer and tongs.

Ness and Fox