Starfox/Smash Bros. rolling demos 

I recently managed to get hold of a videotape of all the E3 demos, including Starfox Adventures, and Smash Bros. Melee.

The first thing that hits you about it is the jaw-dropping, silky-smooth graphics. The Gamecube handles both NTSC and PAL 60Hrz with lazy ease, compared to the N64's 50Hrz.


This demo comprised mainly of in-game footage, providing clues as what to expect from a gameplay point of view.

Firstly, the combat system seams to rely on a Z-targeting system, with fox staving and circling around a single or groups of baddies, much like the sublime Zelda 64.

Secondly, the Arwing piloting has come to light. despite anxious fears, it is still in the game, and looks even better the the 64 bit version. The section screened showed an Arwing slowly approaching a satellite, with stars blurring past and asteroids hurtling towards the ship, then being blasted apart by transparent-blue lasers from the gun turret on the nose. Beautiful....

Also, in most game footage, Prince Tricky (Pictured here) was next to you, apparently following you, waiting for commands. it is still unknown how the Trickster is controlled....

Interestingly, it showed that as Fox picked up the staff (pictured here) he was shot in the back by a blast of energy. Who shot him? Only time will tell.

Auzzies and Britons, you're not gonna like this one......

The few samples of Fox speaking had a distinct American accent to it, and as for Prince Tricky...

 "ha-ha! Yeah!"

Hmm. Do I sense one stereotypical American sidekick?



Wow. this single 1 minute clip has sent me into a frenzied clamoring for this game. I want it, and I want it NOW!

As part of the opening movie, it shows Fox and Co. in the middle of a frenzied dog-fight with Starwolf, with kirby flying his superstar straight through the centre. (See a cool pic of Fox and Wolf in a stare-out pass) This further fuels the belief that Wolf is a secret character in the game....

Also, one of the battlefields is on top of the great fox as it flys through Corneria city. Watch out for the low buildings and launching Arwings!


Hopefully, I'll be able to post the videos up soon. Until then, you'll have to be safe in the knowledge that these are two very fine games, waiting to jump out and kick your teeth in.