Another Starfox game?

Yes, we all know about Starfox Adventures, but if the quite murmurings from Nintendo HQ are to be believed, we may end up with a double whammy of Gamecube Starfox.

Nintendo have been rumored to be working on their own Starfox game, which will be a shoot 'em up like Starfox 64 instead of an RPG like SA.

It is also speculated that the game revolves around Falco this time, as he is not in Starfox adventures, and Rare have hinted on their website that he's perusing his own "solo career."

If the game is being made, it will be under the watchful eye of Shigeru Miamoto, Nintendo's top designer and creator of Mario, Zelda, and Starfox. you know it's gonna be big....