A New Starfox game revealed

Okay, stay calm. I'm excited too, but there really is no need to run around with underpants on your head.

Today at E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo), The largest videogames show of the year, Nintendo revealed a New Starfox game.

Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur planet, has been confirmed to debut on Nintendo's new games machine, The Gamecube. The game is being developed by Rare, Nintendo's UK second party developer, and the people behind Goldeneye, perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong.

This Starfox game differs wildly from the previous two Starfox games. As reported in a Previous Article, The game is no longer a Flying shoot em' up, but an action RPG. The game was originally called Dinosaur planet, starred Sabre and Krystal, and was planned for release on the N64. However, the game went in for a major re-vamp, and ended up as this.

With one of the best developers in the world at the helm, you know it's gonna be fantastic. We'll keep you posted on future developments in the coming months, but in the meantime, drool over these screenshots, and check out the full story at Rare's website, http://www.rare.co.uk

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