A Starfox gene change?

This arterial was from the now-defunct Dailyradar.com site. A sad departure from the gaming world.....

"Our friends at Consoles France have some possibly-tantalising info concerning the Gamecube launch titles, in particular, what's happening to Dinosaur Planet

Whilst the feature is for the most part speculative, the website states that Metroid, Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion and Smash Bros. 2 will all be ready for launch in the US this November.

Now, we'll admit we're not sold. Shigsy himself has said that the Luigiu's Mansion demo shown at Spaceworld may not have anything to do with a next-gen Mario Game, and there's no way it'll be the Alone in the Dark-style game mentioned at Consoles France. And as much as we'd like it, Smash Bros. 2 exists only as wishful thinking at the moment.

And there's Dinosaur Planet. The latest rumor is that the game has morphed into Starfox Adventures, which we're sceptical of. At last year's E3, Shigsy said he liked the look of DP, and jokingly suggested it'd make a good vehicle for the Starfox cast. Now, we know DP has gone in for a major revamp, and that the characters are being re-designed, but to suggest that an off-hand comment by Shigsy is now a truth... well, we can but hope. But we don't believe it..."