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Submission Tips

We welcome all new work at Starwing HQ, so if you want to try writing Interviews, or Off Da Walls or anything else you think we may be interested in, then go write ahead and send it . However, if you bare these tips in mind, then we’ll be able to process your work faster.


Here are some general rules;

  1. Use Times New Roman font in 12 point for “normal” talk. When characters are whispering or shouting, or for comic effect sizes 8 to 18 may be used.
  2. All work must have the following proper formatting markers These rules must be followed, as all documents will be reformated and all formatting will be lost in the process. Starwing HQ is not liable for any text-formatting lost due to improper marking of the document.
  3. Microsoft Word document, (*.Doc) and Rich Text Format (*.RTF) are the preferred file types. Failing that, HTML (*.Htm) or Word pad (*.Wpd) will do. There are issues with Microsoft works documents (*.wks), so try to avoid it. Any interviews written into the main body of an e-mail (as opposed to an attachment) will only be given highest priority if it follows Rule 2 to the letter.
  4. If you wish to bleep out any of your words, please use [CENSORED] instead of asterisks (*) to avoid any formatting errors. If you wish to use asterisks, please tell me and I will replace the [CENSORED] with asterisks after formatting your work.
  5. Left align paragraphs, and use 1.5 spacing if your program supports it, or single spacing if it doesn’t. DO NOT leave a blank line between the text. Do not indent paragraphs, and do not use any tables.
  6. Here is the normal text formatting used in Interviews. They may be applied to other stories.
    Normal dialogue line: bold, Name, unbold, colon, Dialogue
    For example:
    Jolteon: No Fox! Use the other end!
    Action lines: Italics
    For example:
    Fox takes the hamster out and loads it the other way up.
    Change of time/location: 4 dashed lines & italics
    For example:
    Starwing HQ @258
  7. Thoughts may be shown in brackets. (It might be a good idea to put a note somewhere in the beginning of the Interview if you’re doing this.)
  8. ASCI Smiles are allowed (And encouraged ^_~).
  9. Only use capitals to highlight KEY words. (You don't want to come across as rude, do you?)
  10. It is recommended that all work be sent to Wolf O'Donnell. If you do send it to Wolf O'Donnell, ensure that Starwing, Star Fox, or Starfox is in the subject title. This guarantees that it will get through to him.


If you want to make your own interview button, that’s cool. Just follow these guidelines. Don’t fancy making your own button? That’s cool too: We’ll rustle up something for you….

  1. Make a bitmap that's 210 x 40 pixels using the side bars to shrink it - it tells you in the bottom-right corner how big it is.
  2. The preferred file format for all pictures is a high-quality JPEG, or zipped bitmap. Do not send uncompressed bitmaps, as our E-mail accounts are set up to automatically delete them.


A list of all characters used is the most useful thing to send, so we can make up some amusing spiel about them. If ye need more info, or it’s a home brew character, send a few lines about them. Keep it short, and keep it funny, which, after all, is what the whole Site is about.