26 November 2005
Wow! It's been a month and two days!

Wow, it really has been a month and two days since the last update. In that time, the forums have sustained a hack attack and the prospect of recoding the entire site has frightened me so much, there's a permanent yellow stain on my favourite pair of trousers. Too much information? Well, I've got to say something other than, there are no new interviews, comics, ODWs, artwork or stories. In fact, there's very little new. To be precise, if updates were food, this particular morsel would be an eighth of a portion of nouvelle cuisine. If updates were money, it would be the equivalent of one hundredth of a Japanese Yen.

Jolteon, for those of you who want to know, is still alive and kicking. To be more precise, he's been buried alive underneath tonnes and tonnes of work, and like a person who's been buried alive in a coffin is now kicking and screaming for help.

Still, that doesn't mean I'm going to be running this site non-stop in his place. Goodness no, that will never do. I'm still in the process of updating the HTML and CSS of the site, a task so montonously tedious that my brain is on the verge of escaping out my right ear and leaping off a twenty-storey building to its squishy doom.

Seeing as I haven't got a decent update for you, let me take this time to answer a few n00b questions I got in my inbox recently.
A few of the questions have been faked by Wolf O'Donnell. In no way do these questions reflect the inferiority of the question askers. I like olives. Cheese is the devil. Share prices may go down as well as up.

Q. How do I join the site?
A. You mean, the forums, right? Just click on that link that says 'Register' and then follow the instructions. If you mean this site, the actual site and not the forums, then all I can say is there is no membership. You just visit the site and if you want, send us your interviews, ODWs, VCD Matches, comics, artwork etc. and we might put it up for you.

Q. May I use [XXXX] in an interview?
A. Check the Cast List. Those characters that are copyrighted by big corporations are free to use as long as you give credit to their creators. If they're copyrighted by interviewers ask the interviewer that created them. I'm sure if you asked nicely they'll gladly allow you to use their characters.

Q. Seeing as Jolteon is dead in the water, is it alright if I send you interviews?
A. Okay, so this one isn't a n00b question, and is in fact, very sensible. The answer, however, is no. You may, however, send your work to or . These guys volunteered to do this work, so I suggest you be extra nice to them.

Q. You r0xx0rz. I wanna b ur luv slave!
A. Erm... yeah, thanks.

Q. You're cute. Wanna b my luv slave?
A. Um... Okay, that's enough question answering for today, methinks. Time to get back to work. Hopefully, we'll have a better update for you next time round.

P.S. I had to take the Halloween contest down. Unfortunately, I was too good at hiding the pumpkins so there's no winners. See you around.

24 October 2005
Wolf's Cannibal Pumpkins

Sorry about the long hiatus, but I was busy for the past months with my Masters Course and, of course, fixing HTML problems.

You may be wondering what's with the orange? Well, it's October. Soon it will be time for Halloween, so I turned the text pumpkin orange. At least, I think it's pumpkin orange.

Anyway, to show that the site isn't dead, I'm launching a Halloween contest, "Find the Cannibal Pumpkins". The rules are simple, I've hidden eight cannibal pumpkins around the site. They look like this:

Each one can be found by clicking on hidden links throughout the site. Links to these pumpkins could be hidden in the background, hidden in the text, and hidden in pictures. Find the links, click on 'em, and you just might find a cannibal pumpkin with a number or letter on it. Just be carful. Some may have nothing on them and others may crop up more than once. E-mail me the correct letter/number combination and you may win a pack of Star Fox 2 trailers. It's all as simple as that.

12 August 2005
Your mail missed the target

It would appear that my Hotmail account thinks most of your emails are junk. I therefore strongly advise you guys to include the word, Starwing in your email. I'll set my account to prevent such e-mails from entering the bin.
Thanks for the feedback, guys! Oh and for those of you who haven't received a reply yet, I'm sorry. I'll get right back to you guys when I can.

4 August 2005
Contacting me

Either I've forgotten to tell you guys how to contact me or you've guys forgotten how to contact me. Please, please, if you have anything to say about any changes I've made to the site, please e-mail me, especially if you see broken links. Don't wait for me to show up on MSN Messenger. Don't wait for me to show up on the Forums. Email me.

My e-mail address is . I expect it to be used wisely. If not, I will eat Falco here. You have been warned.

1 August 2005
Whoops! Sieve brain...

Whoops. Erm... I forgot to put the Nintendo Celebrity Death Match link back up in the Games Room. Well, it's back up now. You can get back online and fight against Nintendo videogame characters or against users from other similar death match games. Enjoy!

EDIT: It turns out that the server that hosts the Nintendo Celebrity Death Match is now down. This is the biggest stroke of bad luck on my behalf I've ever seen. I'll contact the guy who runs gameshost.co.uk to see when it'll be back up. Hopefully it won't be long.


11:00 BST (British Summer Time): Take 300,000,000,000.

At last! The update I promised you has finally been completed! Except I haven't completely finished fixing the Comics Section. It's just the Guest Comics section that hasn't been fixed though, and nobody reads those, right?

30 July 2005
13:31 BST: I am error

Huge errors are occuring in my new FTP program. It has screwed my attempts to update the site. As a result, we only have one new interview from Aftershock. JediKirby, Nicky McCloud and Recamen all have broken links. I will try to sort this problem out as soon as possible, but until then the only interview you can read is Aftershock's new Interivew.

12:00 BST: You have no chance to survive make your time.

Interviews... So many interviews... So much work and so little time. Now I'm not like J. Most of the time I'm not on MSN Messenger, but if you email me, you will get a reply. So give me feedback on the site. Show me that you actually visit the site and give a damn!

7th July 2005

I didn't really want to update now but certain events mean I have to. I am of course referring to that horrible incident that happened today in the morning, during rush hour, involving several people, but not that woman who just missed the bus and tried to chase it down only to have it explode forty feet away from her. She was lucky. Others weren't.

I suppose these supposdly "Muslim" terrorists think they did something really great today, apart from the fact that London being bombed isn't anything particularly new and nothing we haven't really seen before.

I yawn at your antics and fart in your general direction. You have impressed no one and the loss of life is more than meaningless, it is senseless and you deserve nothing more than the worst that's coming to you. Going to Heaven? You can forget it and no self-righteous delusion will make it otherwise.

My condolences to those that have been affected and to those that have lost loved ones.

As a mark of respect all planned updates will be postponed until the end of the month.

- Wolf O'Donnell

20 June 2005
All work and no play makes Wolf a dull boy... All work and no play makes Wolf a dull boy...

Due to a huge oversight on my behalf, the Games Room has been uploaded a month early. In it, you will find several javascript games, including an Interactive Videogame Celebrity death Match.
WARNING: The multiplayer option allows you to fight against users of different death match games, including Pokémon, Digimon and even Dragonball Z. Do not, like I did once, make yourself look like a fool on the multiplayer option.

15 June 2005
They're there, but they're not there...

Yeah, before you inundate me with calls about pages not working, I know my Millennium Special Death Matches cannot be viewed. I've uploaded them. The FTP says they're there on the server, yet no web browser can seem to find them. Needless to say I'll be working on the problem, but given my luck, don't expect a solution anytime soon.

13 June 2005
Argh! Zombie website!

Hoo freakin' yeah... My first update. No, I'm not J and I'm sure you can tell it's not me from the style of this update. Yes, I'm not even myself; I'm that stoked. For months now, I've been streamlining this site's HTML for J and now I'm uploading the new, streamlined Interview section, which is now more dial-up friendly. Now your [CENSORED] Internet connection is no longer an excuse to not visit this website. Ain't that a vwoot?

P.S. The next section to be revamped is the Comic Section. Until I have completed the new Comic Section, please do not send in anymore new comics.

21 July 2013
03:00 GMT
Current Mental Status: 1st can of Red Bull
No. of E-mails: 147

02:00 GMT
Current Mental Status: Red Bull looking tempting
No. of E-mails: 147

01:00 GMT
Current Mental Status: Still going strong
No. of E-mails: 152

00:00 GMT
Current Mental Status: OK
No. of E-mails: 170

17 October 2004
It's been a while...

26 February 2004

To err is to human, but to really screw up you need a computer

21 February 2004



20 February 2004

Bad news…


18 February 2004

May require separate death ray browser plug in.


17 February 2004

It only hurts because it's true.


16 February 2004

Day Three - kill me now.

  • New Artist:

           As You can see, he's rather good. Check out ouroboros' section here

  • Next, we have new episodes of (gulp) Starwing HQ

  • Dynamite joins the interviewing ranks. poor sod.


15 February 2004

Ha! bet y'all though I wasn't going to update, didn't you?

  • First up, some great new wallpapers now grace the Downloads section.

  • next, Lee has re-written Dante's Castle. The first two chapters are now up, as well as finally having some music.

  • 5 new chapters, as Whispers draws near to it's end.

  • Three new re-colour theater episodes.

  • It's your own fault there's another FAQ. You keep encouraging them by sending them questions

  • We're slowly catching up, so if you've sent stuff, and it hasn't been put up yet, please be patient - with daily updates, the backlog will soon be cleared.


14 February 2004

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

  • Welcome, to year three of Starwing HQ! And to celebrate, we sent out skilled rangers to track down, capture, and torture the webmaster so he does a bloody update. Woo-Hoo!

  • Seriously, though: to make up for the winter hibernation, until at least March, there is going to be an update. Every. Single. Day.

  • In addition to that, Expect a few Anniversary-related items to crop up through the week....

  • So, let's kick off with a new  In Search Of Sanity Comic.

  • As you know, We never, ever make fun of Politicians, or serious world issues..... Having said that though, here's an interesting piece of Social commentary from jigglypuff

  • New Bowe's Adventure & Tails Revenge from Bowe.

  • New Art from Bowe

  • A stupid new amount of lovin' of the emerald Varity

  • S-O-N-I-C Go!

9 November 2003

The Hamsters are coming hooray, hooray!

  • The Dangers of being a lazy Webmaster: I made a comic for a special event, but didn't get the update done in time. Still, if you can be arsed, you can see it here

  • new interview from Samuel

  • New Starwing HQ comic

  • New piece of art from Firiel.

  • A new episode of Seeing Stars, specially tailored for those of you who like hot men in green tunics and white tights....

  • Along with the new episode, we have two seeing stars sprite comics in the guest section.

  • New Interviewer: Nick - Now all we've gotta do is get his hamster to spontaneously combust.....

  • IamErtai's changed his button

  • Four new Episodes of RCT, and a cast list to boot.

  • New Whispers chapter

  • A welcome return from Jigglypuff.

  • A new twist in Bowe's Adventure

  • New FAQ.

  • Bad news: As it died after two episodes, Insert Witty Comic Name Here has been moved to the guest section

  • Good News: It has been replaced by the quirkiest comic series on the site, if not the web: Emerald Lovin', which primarily focuses on Knuckles' obsession of licking jewels </Induendo>


31 October 2003

  • It's Halloween: and we all know what that means....

Fact of the day....

Be Afraid, Aftershock. Be Very Afraid

29 October 2003

"Hay, DJ! C'mon now!"

  • Let's start things off with a spiffing yarn from Grey Wolf, and a quote from 20,000 leagues under the sea: "Accident? No, incident. Wolfang incident"

  • The frighteningly addictive Warioware has wrecked another (relatively) innocent life: See the results here

  • New FAQ. Don't say you weren't warned...

  • A couple of new Re-Colour Theaters

  • It is with deepest regret that I must inform you that Angelus is back, and he's Interviewing again.

  • A whole bunch of Starwing HQ.

  • A new comic from Bowe, Hand drawn this time: Tails' Revenge

  • A new piece of art by Firiel

  • A moment of silence for Bowe, please - he's suffered the worst fate an interviewer can have......

  • New Message board: Navigation link has also been updated, or you can just click here. Whilst we're making the switch, the old board is here

02 October 2003

Cheap at twice the price

  • I opened my mail today, to find an awesome gift: an extra 2 Gigabytes of Transfers rate per month. Thanks to those lovely chappies at 123-reg, the site will be up for the whole month for the foreseeable future.

  • Firstly, a long-awaited update to the Cast List

  • Next, a new Comic Series from Aftershock, Re-Colour Theater. go and read it...... now.

  • 5 New Chapters of Whispers

  • she's back, and making even less sense than before: Presenting Doremi's next sanity deprived interview

  • A new Episode of seeing stars, and, as a bonus, the whole of S.S. season 1 to boot. Check 'em out here

  • <shameless plug> Like Seeing Stars? Well check out Wolf's website at http://strwlf.cjb.net </Shameless plug>

  • Run for the hills: Another FAQ. Want to see more? Then you're a sick puppy, but what the heck, send 'em here

  • Firiel has drawn an awesome piece if cover art for Forces of Creation. See it in her art section.

  • After a long absence, we are pleased to present a new Starwing Adventures comic.

  • "And now, for something completely different." Don't get it? Well, I'm afraid the new New Super Smash Interview may be lost on you......

  • A trilogy of new Starwing HQ Comics

  • Prepare yourselves: Fara has gone off the deep end worse then ever, in Drake's revised first interview. Be afraid.

17 August 2003

It's all his fault

  • Okay, so it forced me to create and link nearly 120 pages of HTML together, but it was worth it: IamErtai has done a complete story, entitled Forces of Creation. Find it in the Story section, and set aside a few hours to read this wonderful yarn.

  • Sorry: This was put up last time, but I forgot to plug it: A new take on Interviewing, Seeing Stars. With Wolf O' Donnel as the producer, you know it's going to be crazy. Plus, it has the funkiest music on the site.

  • new Interview and story chapter from Aftershock

  • New Starwing HQ shenanigans

13 August 2003

Pick the nose! pick it! PICK IT!!!!


20 July 2003

Return of the mailbox of doom™


14 July 2003

Can you feel the Sunshine?

  • Little know fact: I am an ice-vampire, and as such, do not like 40 degree heatwaves, much like the one we're currently having.

  • Bitching aside, here's a new interview by Nate

  • New Bowe's Adventure, to the power of 5.

  • You've asked about it, so here it is: Robot's Dream

5 July 2003

More Sound. Woo-hoo!

  •  A Landmark event - the first Audio Interview, courtesy of Cackoo. Zipped WindowsMedia Format  to stop streaming and save bandwidth....

  • A new chapter of Crystal Dragons

  • Shadow has changed his music

04 July 2003

Sound off

  • Due to incessant pestering, the new style sound browsers have been added to all the interviews.

  • New art from Firiel and Bowe

25 June 2003

Game, Set, and Match

  • Rain stopped Updates (British joke: Everyone else just laugh). Now, on with the (late) nightly updates...

  • New Interview from Neckron McCloud. With music, naturally.....

  • A new artist: Nate McCloud

  • a bunch of problems fixed with Jason's art section

  • The music launcher JavaScript has been modified so it'll launch the right size for both Opera and Ie.

22 June 2003

Order of Priorities

  • Bugger off and leave me alone to read Harry Potter, God damnit!

  • Oh, alright. Here's a new Interview from Aftershock, complete with music. Now...  GO AWAY!

21 June 2003

God, just let me die...

  • Not content with having Interviews, Comics, Stories, and Off da Walls on the site, Jason McCloud has now got he's own art section, the greedy bugger...

  • New Interview from Voltz, with music

  • Just a quick heads-up: The site has now been tested and verified to work correctly using Opera 7.

20 June 2003

Lack of sleep and PSO withdrawal are not fun.

19 June 2003

Webmaster: 1 Dreamweaver: 0

  • A new Interviewer, who goes by the name of Drake Spawnding

  • Observant people will have noticed on Drake's main page a much-missed feature; The Music. After reading much techno-babble, and wrestling for over a week with Dreamweaver's Cascading Style Sheets, I came up with this nifty system. When the music button is pressed, a separate player window will open, which you can leave in the background for as long as you want, and has a link to save the file, as well as some basic info about the song. This way, both audiophiles and MIDI-haters can be happy. Music will be re-added to everyone's Interviews over the coming week. Comments, as always, are welcome.

  • New art from Jenna

18 June 2003

03:30AM. Again.

17 June 2003

03:30AM; Aw, well - Sleep's for wimps, anyway.....

  • let's kick things into high gear with 8 new episodes of Starwing HQ. (As an added bonus, I'll give anyone a cookie if they can tell me what recreational drug IamErtai was on when he came up with that last comic...)

  • A trio of new art pieces from Firel

  • A brand new Off Da wall from Grey Wolf. Also, one line teasers have been put in for all O.D.W's, to help you find what you're looking for easier.

13 June 2003

*Insert witty quote here*

11 June 2003

I don't know why I'm bothering; you'll be too busy Reading "Order of the Phoenix"

10 June 2003

Just when things were starting to look sane....

  • The Off da Wall section has been lunched, completing the bulk of the site update. Some more new things will be changing soon, but nothing major. A content update will be up by Friday (at latest), as there are so many good pieces of art/interviews/off da walls/comics/stories that have yet to see the light of day outside my inbox of doom™...

09 June 2003

Once upon a time....

  • Today marks the launch of the dedicated story section, with old favourite Dante's Castle, plus a preview of some new, up-and-coming stuff....

  • News section uploaded and fixed

06 June 2003

They're baaaack....

02 June 2003

404 ver. 2

  • Downloads Section now back up. Expect some new stuff in there soon

01 June 2003

404? yes please.

  • I am currently looking into increasing the bandwidth to make sure the site is available for the whole month. In the meantime, I've changed the site redirection so that if we do run out of bandwidth, links to the message boards will still be there, and a low bandwidth version of the site is available. Note this site is still under construction.

  • Speaking of Under construction, this month will see the gradual re-launch of the website. Various elements have been tweaked and changed for a better experience. As such, don't be surprised if you find a few dead links.

  • First re-vamp: New Art and Comics section

  • Coming soon: A HUGE content update, full navigation in the interviews, updated cast list, and a whenever-me-and-Pete-can-be-arsed newsletter. Plus, a brand new, Members-only area full of goodies. Details soon.

  • P.S.: Starfox GC kicks arse.


01 May 2003

Caution: webmaster attempting to be flashy


  • Part II of the St. George comic.

  • Last month, we ran out of bandwidth on the website (Which is why I waited until the new month to update), and I had to purchase a 250MB top up (Which also ran out.) Whilst I'm very happy that the HQ is now this popular, if this starts happening every month, then I can't afford to pay up, and we'll end up like the old server with long periods of downtime. I don't want to put ads up, because that insults you guys, and I'm certainly not going to ask people to donate to the site, as I believe what we've got here should be free content, nevertheless, some drastic re-thinking may be in order here. Any suggestion accepted gratefully.....

  • Site changes; firstly, some of the titles have been changed to pictures, for a more consistent effect.

  • Next, the Art Gallery has been improved, with easier navigation, and thumbnails.

  • The Comic section has a new navigation style, which fits in with the rest of the site

  •  I've been experimenting with forward/back buttons on the interview pages. I have applied the changes only to my section as a test run. If you guys like it, I'll apply it to the whole site.

  • A bunch of broken links fixed

  • A new victim... errr, interviewer. Please give a warm welcome to the very patient ShadowZX

  • A new interview, along with new buttons and backgrounds from Charlie

  • A new chapter of Dante's Castle, male format

  • New Bowe's Adventure to the power of 2....

  • A trilogy of brand-spanking-new Starwing HQ comics

  • New art from Jenna, in the new and improved art gallery

  • Desperately wanted: ANYONE who can make smiles, please mail the webmaster

  • Next week - I'm installing Opera 7 today, so expect better non-Ie support.

  • Don't forget - it's E3 this weekend, so expect some news on Starfox Armada. Me, I'm happy with the newly-announced PSO Episode III.....

  • Random site of the week: We Love the Iraq Information Minister!

23 April 2003

The British are coming!

An average night at the local, "The Cock and Plucker"

  • Welcome, to the St. Georges day update. As you can see, the English guys have thrown together a comic to celebrate. This is the first of a mini-series....

  • St. George became famous after slaying a Dragon. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a bloke named George, so we used Amy instead. Remember, Ganon; this could be you...

  • We aren't the only site celebrating our nation's saint; go and see the rest of them at the St. George's day piss-up

  • Finally, to prove that England produces the best nutters in the world, we present you with this newspaper clipping

  • In other news, most music has been removed. It will be back shortly in an optional player, but until then, all the music can be accessed here

  • Aftershock as a new Interview

  • A double-shot of Starwing HQ

  • With a new Bowe's Adventure to accompany it

  • New feature: Every week, I will give out a link to something that I think you'll all enjoy. his week, it's the crazy antics of the Daily Victim

15 April 2003

Welcome back!


08 April 2003

Gratuitous Sex & Phantasy Star edition

  • Well, here is the fist instalment of our new Weekly Updates regime. Also, almost everything that has been updated today has some sexual innuendo. Whoo!

  • Lets dive straight in with an updated interview from Cackoo

  • A new interviewer. He's English, he's addicted to PSO, and he as mad as a royal butler; God, I love this guy! check out Aftershock here

  • Amy has some new playmates, in the form of fellow hunter Angelus

  • To complete the general PSO-ness of this update, why not grab the PSO Font?

  • Grey Wolf's got a new interview. Also, as the music on his page skipped on some computers, it's been changed

  • A new off da wall, and a valuable lesson learned: very scary stuff happens when interviewers get together

  • A spiffing new chapter of Dante's castle, in XY format

  • A picture of yours truly, from Jenna

  • Six new Starwing HQ comics, plus a new direct link system, and new comic indicator. Whoo.

  • Again, four new Bowe's Adventure comics, with direct linking and update markers

  • a new FAQ about submitting stuff to Starwing has been created to help both you and the webmaster. please read it.

  • Adam's changed his music

  • Broken links in the comics section fixed - You'll be surprised how quickly it's fixed WHEN SOMEONE BOTHERS TO TELL ME IT'S BROKEN!

  • To come next week; 3 new interviewers, a big change in one section, and perhaps even (gasp) an update on the cast list

26 March 2003

One the edge of sanity, and loving it.


  • Righto, then. Back to work. Firstly, a new interview from cackoo's fevered mind

  • On days off, Cackoo believes that he is a small furry kitsume. Don't believe me? well, check this out

  • Another new interviewer, Grey Wolf.

  • Yet another brother-of-fox-turned-interviewer, Neckron McCloud. Forget betrayal - Poor James must have died of Exhaustion...

  • IamErtai kicks off yet another Super Smash Interview

  • A new Interview from the king of evil

  • When striving for the lowest common denominator, you can't go wrong with unspeakable violence and boobies. Ergo, you should all like Charlie's new off da wall

  • We now have a Fanart section. In it are some new pictures from both Jenna and Firiel

  • Four new Bowe's Adventures comics

  • 4 new comics, and what looks suspiciously like a plot in Starwing HQ

  • A new ISOS comic

  • Voltz has changed his music..

  • ..As has Chris and Charlie

  • New rule: Any interviews written into an E-mail (Rather than an attachment) will immediately be given lowest priority. The reason for this is that any formatting is lost (which is bad), and some characters are deleted, like semicolons (which is worse). I'm not sitting here again giving 15 mins a page to stick god-damn colons back in your work.

  • Those of you grammatically minded will have noticed there is now an S on the comic button...

  • Scrollbar problem on the navibar fixed.

  • Shameless plug #1: Check out this new starfox site

  • Shameless plug #2: One of the funniest non-sprite comics I've ever had the pleasure to read:

Ruins Of The Fourth Wall

26 February 2003

Sonic & Shigeru

  • Hello fellow European elite. I have got the photos of meeting Miyamoto uploaded, so, without further ado, here they are

  • Someone was foolish to doubt my abilities and loyalties to Sonic Team, so I'll prove myself here


21 February 2005

I've met the shigster- worship me

  • Hello to everyone who was at Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street today. Hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did (What am I talking about; we met Shigeru Miyamoto! - it was bloody brilliant!) the pictures will come up sometime over the weekend, but for now, there's just this. Feel free to E-mail me with any more pictures to upload, or just for a chat


14 February 2003

  • Happy 2nd birthday, Starwing HQ! Today marks two years of interview insanity, with our new presence, things can only get better as we go into our third year.

  • First things first - Bowe has three new comics in the ongoing Bowe's Adventures

  • New interview from Bowe.

  • New chapters of Dante's Castle, both in boy and girl flavour. Also, Jenna's RedXII Picture has been re-uploaded with a cleaner backgroud

  • a muther-load of Starwing HQ comics. Heh. Shadows clone school....

  • A new interview from Adam

  • New Starwing Adventures comicy goodness...

  • And with new episodes of In Search of Sanity too, all comics are present and correct

  • Just when you thought things couldn't get any more abusive and violent, Ganon shows up with this off da wall

  • Cackoo has a revised second interview

  • Oh, and happy valentines day. Hope you all have someone special to think of.

06 February 2003

Starwing: The Re-birth

  • Welcome, peeps, to the new Starwing HQ server! By making the ultimate sacrifice (selling my much cherished electric guitar), I have got some severe, kick-arse hosting <shameless plug> thanks to those awfully nice chaps at 123 reg </Shameless plug>, with a whopping 1GB bandwidth a month. A few notices, however;

                        Make sure you have bookmarked www.starwing.com or www.starwing.co.uk, as people who bookmarked the old main page will go to old version (I'll put a note up there ASAP, and may start dismantling it for.... other projects....)

                        There are a few teething problems, so please help me by pointing out anything that you find wrong/missing - it's a big site for me to check by myself....

                        Currently, the message board still runs off of topcities, and will do so until I've got a new version up and running, but that should be up all the time, due to the low bandwidth needed

  • First improvement; Everyone kept E-mailing me asking for MIDI files, so now you can get access to the full set

  • This has taken up a lot of time, and it was a busy month. As such, no "proper" update, which I'm sorry for (I've some great stuff just dying to jump out of my mailbox...) Still they'll be one soon....

  • Quick reminder; February 14th is Starwing HQ's 2nd birthday.....

  • Special note for Leon; LOG ONTO AIM

15 January 2003

Random stuff; Whoo!


01 January 2003

  • Firstly, a Christmas off da wall from Bowe

  • Next, Lee's story has changed; another talented writer, Jenna, now writes things from the girls point of view. Also, the story has now been officially named. Presenting; Dante's Castle

  • Turd's changed his name to Adam (or alternatively, the webmaster screwed up again)

  • Three brand new In Search of sanity comics, including the mystical missing number 9

  • Not to be outdone, Jason has provided three Starwing Adventure comics as well

  • Just to add his two cents, IamErtai has also made a new Starwing HQ

  • Dante's Castle co-writer Jenna is also rather good at drawing too, as she proves with this picture

  • A new interview from Ganon

  • Two new Interviews from Charlie & Chris

  • Finally, a belated merry Christmas and happy new year from Starwing HQ. Thanks to a number of factor, the December updates didn't go quite to plan, to say the least, so my new year's resolution is to get my bloody act together.


24 November 2002


10 November 2002


PSO = Pyromaniacs On Loose

  • Now that my first-ever sprite comic is out of the way, I'm gonna go and try to blow myself over half of Essex. Play safe, kiddies. BAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!

03 November 2002


  • Due to a rip in the time-space continuum, Halloween this year has been moved to the 3rd of November, so this update is not late. Ummm. Yeah....

  • A great new double-act, Chris and Charlie. They've been incredibly patient waiting for their stuff to come out of my Mailbox of Doom™, so just a quick public apology to them saying sorry for the excessive delay. Now go and read their work. Now.

  • A new off da wall and interview by Runewolf

  • Not only do we have 5 new Starwing HQ comics (With a cast list to boot), but we also have a brand new series, In search of Sanity. Go check 'em out now

  • Two new chapters of Lee's story, and an updated cast list (Look, I even got his name right this time ¬_¬;)

  • New Off da wall by IamErtai and Firiel

  • May I direct your attention to the very appropriate (Or would have been if it was posted at the right time) creepy font. Why not download it; you never know - it might reveal more than you think.......

  • <shameless plug> Visit Nate McCloud's site </shameless plug>. This also heralds an update to the links page

  • Bandwidth update; Yeah, I know it sucks, and with the comics, it's only gonna get worse.... Until Christmas. By then, Hopefully I will have saved up enough money to upgrade the account, and get more bandwidth, plus some helpful other extras. Please understand that, despite popular opinion, I'm not made of money, and this won't be cheap. I started the HQ with the notion that I didn't want to make money, but I didn't want to spend any either.

What are you staring at?


20 October 2002

The Shines! The Shines!

  • With a scarily Starfox-less Europe :erratic twitching:, I've had to settle for the new release, Super Mario Sunshine. That thing should come with an addictive health warning...

  • Anyhowz, we have the latest offerings from IamErtai

  • Also, exclusively to us (Because no other bugger would take it), a new off da wall by Cackoo...

  • ...Two new comics...

  • ...Bowe's got a new button...

  • ...Runewolf's got a new E-mail...

  • ...And Cackoo's re-written his first interview

  • Finally, something a little different. Although you probably don't know him, Lee has been helping out a lot behind the scenes of Starwing HQ, and given me a lot of support. He's been working on an ongoing story that I've fallen in love with, so here it is. Although it features Starfox characters, that's not the main focus. So why's it here? because it's a damn good story, and this is my bloody site and I can do what I want. :Pulls out Bazooka: Any Questions?

  • Oh, and one, tiny, thing; www.starwing.com


24 September 2002

Why are you here?

  • Dudes, Starfox Adventures is out in the US today. Hay, no-one will be here to read this. I can say whatever I want. Um.... err...... Ostrich!

  • New Comic. Woo-hoo.

  • Two new interviews by Bowe

  • Two notices; Firstly, I've got 30 pending mails to sort out for Starwing HQ, so I'm trying to update stuff every night.. Secondly, I know the site is unavailable almost every day, due to bandwidth. To try and sort this out, the Brian Valentine video will be removed this Wednesday as a test to see if that helps. If you want it, you've got 2 days left to get it...


20 September 2002

Starfox? What's that?

  • In case you've been living under a rock on Pluto for the last four years, Starfox Adventures is hitting US Shelves on Monday. Buy it, and buy lots of it.

  • Still don't want it? Well,  if these new shots don't send you camping outside of you local games shop for the next 5 days\9 days\2 months, then there really is no hope left....

  • I've taken onboard the suggestion that the Banner should have a comment on, and come up with this;



  • New comic. heehee....

  • Whoops -  I accidentally missed an interview; IamErtai's interview with Link and co. is actually his 10th interview (The first interviewer to reach their decagon). His new interview with the Ice climbers is now his 9th interview. My bad.

  • Not content with just being an assistant (Translation; Fed of of being Firiel's punch bag) Bowe has started his own interview section. Go. Go now.

  • On the subject of new interviewers, I'd like to welcome Runewolf


15 September 2002

The Sprites are coming! The sprites are coming!

  • New section; Read about our 16-bit adventures in the comic section

  • As you may have noticed, Starwing HQ is slowly going under a design change. As part of it, we have a new font; BankGothic Md BT.  Download it to get the full effect of the site. While you're at it, just a reminder that the Andes font is used on the site too, so you'll want to grab that too...

  • Sketchy on the details at the moment, but it is important that you understand just how significant this week was in the news section

  • New interviews from IamErtai and Falco


09 September 2002

This update is bought to you by Windows® .NET©

  • Yep; I've got my grubby little mitts on Windows .NET server RC1, and it's pretty sweet. Uh.... that's about it, actually.....

  • Speaking of Beta's here's the latest version of the site banner. Again, feedback, if you will...

Coming soon; Service pack for banner 2.0


04 September 2002

We will fight them in the header, we will fight them in the syntax...

  • Firstly, a Bata of a new site banner;


A long time ago, in a galexy far, far away...

        Any feedback much appreciated....

  • The battle against the contest page is hard and long, and has become something of a personal vendetta of mine. IamErtai (Who, coincidently, has a new interview) has this to say on the subject....

I'm sooooo cute as a sprite....

  • Change of plan; last 3 Updates on the main page.

  • New news, too.

30 August 2002

Good grief - two Updates in two days!

  • New interview from IamErtai, read it, for the most shocking fraud Nintendo has ever hid </sarcasm>

  • This time, I really have fixed the contest page. (Crosses fingers)

  • New update system; each month's updates will stay on the main page until the end of the month...

  • Don't forget; http://www.starwing.co.uk!

  • A new interviewer tomorrow; I'm s-l-o-w-e-l-y getting through the insane garbled mass that is my inbox;

Help meeeeeeeeeeeee....



29 August 2002

  • Another interview from IamErtai; I know the numberings odd, but bare with us..

  • Fixed the contest page. Yay

  • Yet more updates for Friday; still 22 Interviews/Off Da Walls in my Inbox (Lord, Take me now!)

26 August 2002

  • New site address! Change your bookmarks now to http://www.starwing.co.uk. there are a number of reasons for the change; 1) people kept complaining they couldn't find the site because they put the www on the front 2) it's a nicer address, and easier to remember 3) If the site should move (Which it mad do, soon), than this will be the only page that stays.

  •  New Interviewer; IamErtai! He's interviewing the Super Smash bros. cast, but there so closely linked to Starfox, and they are so good, how could I turn him down? (Hides bribe)

24 August 2002

  • Mmm. this new computer kicks arse....Anyhowz, we have a mutherload of updates for you today, starting with a quadruple volley from a new interviewer, Voltz Megawatt

  • As you may have noticed, Jigglypuff 3 has been missing for a while; Jiggles deleted it, and my Outlook croaked, so we thought it had gone for good. However, while looking through an old backup CD, I found this little gem. Enjoy!

  • Here it is; The biggest Starfox interview in the world. Ever. Weighing in at 12,000 words, we are proud to present Jolteon's Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto & Yuji Naka

  • In connection with said longest interview, view the inspiration for it.

  • Again, I can't apologise enough, but we have another "unplanned" feature, this time from Cackoo and Jigglypuff. The only thing that makes sense about it is the title; Cackoo and Jigglypuff - Unplanned!

  • 26 new Starfox shots and other titbits in the News section

  • A brand new section, our Contest page

  • In case you missed it the first time around, here is another completely useless program - Microsoft buttons

  • New links and a general tidy-up of the downloads page

  • Like the music on this page? Of course you bloody do - it took me a month to sequence. Download it here


21 August 2002

  • Yes, I know I promised you guys an update, but I have a good reason this time;

Yeah, it kicks arse.

My new, custom built, £1100 computer ^_^. It's a little bit bigger than a Gamecube, but don't let that fool you - It's an Athalon XP 2100+ with 512MB of DDR RAM, running Windows XP Professional. Very nice. unfortunately, I foolishly gave my old computer away when I first got it, for it only to not work, so I've pretty much been without a computer for August >.<

But now for the good news; Now that it IS working, I've invested in Dreamweaver, Photoshop AND Flash, so expect better pages, sharper photos, and interactive stuff. Woo-hoo!

About 10 Interviews by Friday. Promise.


22 July 2002

  • Firstly, I owe you guys an explanation. This month, I finished university, and got both a full and a part time job, totalling 60 hours a week. It's been hard work, but by cutting out little things like sleeping and eating, I've managed to do it all. As a result, the web page suffered from a lack of updates. I've got used to it now, so updates will be more regular. However, in the meantime, my deepest apologies to Jigglypuff, Cackoo, raptor, Voltz Megawatt,  "Chris", "Charlie", and Nate Bodine. All of your stuff is too good not to go on, so I'll try and get it up this week

  • Three new interviews by Jigglypuff

  • The message board has been fixed; It needed re-initialising, and I didn't know how to do that. Sorry peeps. Oh, and to add insult to injury, all posted messages have been lost.


14 June 2002


  • New Starfox Adventures screenshots interest you?  New modes? Video? Boxart? No? Then how about a brand new Starfox game - go to the news section. Now.

  • Woo-Hoo - The cyborg counter hamster is back from the repair shop, so we have a visitor counter again. Only thing is, it's missed about 400 visits >.<

  • a new interview by Falco and two new interviews by Jigglypuff

  • a new Interviewer, Alison! Check her out on the Interviews page

  • Please bear with us - Topcities has gone funny, so this weeks updates will be a bit erratic


01 April 2002

  • This months update can be viewed here (Note: May not work in browsers other than Internet Explorer 5.x/6)
02 march 2002

  • Well, let's kick off two new  news articles, ranging from videos to biology lessons....
  • A new Off Da Wall. If you thought it was bad when two interviewers did a co-op project, then you might wanna stay away from this....
  • Not one, not two, not three, not six thousand, two hundred and eighty seven, but FOUR new interviewers, with a combined total of 13 interviews. Check out the interview section, or they'll bite you....
  • Sorry - our hamster-powered counter broke. We can rebuild him, but bare with us - Cyborg counter hamster's don't come cheap...
  • The interviews page has been cleaned up - the buttons look better.
  • yet more ALT tags added. My level of sadisticness knows no bounds....
 14 February 2002

Well, who would have thought it - Today, Starwing HQ is one year old. When I started this site, I wasn't sure how well it would take off. Today, we have had nearly 2,500 hits, and a small, yet loyal community. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the HQ to make it what it is, and hopefully, this will be the first of many anniversaries....

  • Happy valentines day. I hope you all have someone special to think of today. I know I do...

  • More Starfox news. Cruise on over to ye olde news section to find out more

29 January 2002

  • Again, some news on Starfox - Some good, some bad, and some just plain stupid. go to the news section to find out more
  • A general clean up of the site, with some slight changes to Interviews and off da walls.
  • Two new Off da walls by Jolteon.
  • And a new interview from Regina
  • I though as this was a Starfox site, I'd better put some Starfox music up (It only me a year to figure it out <.>)

25 December 2001


  • Big news on Starfox Adventures - check out the news section

  • New wallpaper downloadables, and an easier way to get them? I'll have some of that.

  • Finally (Thanks to SOMEONE pestering me), the cast list has been updated.  See it here

  • Written by our very own webmaster, Starwing HQ is proud to present The Random Interview Generator. Download the RIG here  

  • Raptor has a new E-mail address. Mail him here

  • He's bonkers, he's British, and he's back! Read Raptor's latest interview  here, then read his first off da wall here

  • Jason has re-written his first interview. Re-read it here

  • Why shouldn't interviewers do co-operative projects? find out here

  • A nasty thought; What if Microsoft took over Christmas?

  • Finally, everyone at Starwing HQ wishes you a very merry Christmas. As you tuck into the turkey and open the presents, remember the true meaning of Christmas - The birth of one special guy. For a bit of festive cheer, Starwing HQ recommends you visit here - promise it's worth it....

31 October 2001

  • Yep, it's Halloween, the time of the year when this site gets just that little bit weirder. So, if you manage to get through the day without being ax murdered or zombiefied, have a look around. I'm sure you'll be DEAD impressed...... 

  • A new Interview by Jolteon. Be freaked out here!  

  • Regina's back from the dead! read the spook-tastic interview here

  • Two special Halloween treats for you; Candy* and a super-creepy font. Scream on over to the Downloads section

* Edible candy download may require separate browser plug-in.

23 October 2001

  • A new Interview by Jason McCloud. What happens when pure evil wants revenge? This!  

  • A new off da wall from Jolteon. This one ties up some loose ends from recent interviews, and true feelings are finally revealed. Check it out here

  • More dinosaur planet stuff! Check the News section.

  • Umm, don't worry about that posts on the message board. There is no traitor, there never was a traitor, and they're isn't going to be a traitor. Hay! would you old pal An.... errr..... Jolteon lie to you?

05 October 2001

  • A new off da wall by Jason McCloud. Witness his mastery of incoherent babble here.  

  • From the writer of the Raptor interviews, comes a new horror; Regina's first interview!

  • Through my connections with the North Tibetan mafia, I have managed to get hold of the Starfox adventures/Smash Bros rolling demos, as seen at Spaceworld! I'll get pics later, but to get an overview, check out the News section.

  • Jason's are has been re-vamped. See it under the Interview section.

  • I've finally got round to putting ALT tags on all the images in the site. Some of them are quite amusing....

21 September 2001


  • Not two, not three, but FOUR News articles regarding new Starfox games. check out oodles of lovely pictures in our news section. (Note: Starwing HQ will not be held responsible for drool on keyboards)

  • Downloads, I hear you cry? Well, how about some lovely desktop wallpaper, courtoucy of those crazy people at Rare. Get it from the Downloads section


30 August 2001

Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Moo! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa!

  • Save sheep from foot and mouth! Adopt Rover the E-sheep today, and he will reward you with hours of amusement as he frolics around your desktop!

  • In non-livestock news, there is now a mail form for people to contact the webmaster. Find it in the contact section, of by clicking here

  • Starwing HQ now has it's own message board! click the message button on the navigation menu, or click here

Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa!


27 July 2001

Every day he comes up with an excuse to put it off, but if he's paid to keep this website on the pulse of the interview socity, then he'll joly well do it....

  • We have a new oldskool interviewer! Read Sillabub's works here


  • As I promised, here is Raptor's second interview

  • Jolteon's whole area has been re-vamped. Check it out here

  • The cast list has been updated. Check it out here

  • I've finally got the British spellcheck plug-in for FrontPage, so I'll be putting up with no more of your half-arsed, American spellings.

  • I'm going on holliday! I'll think of you all in as I'm lounging on a beach in sunny grand canarria. Due to this, There wont be a any updates for three weeks, but I'll still get my E-mail if you need to contact me.

10 July 2001

  • First off, two interesting news articles. check out the news section...

  • A new interview by raptor. I haven't got his second interview, so I've skipped straight to his third. Sorry about this. Raptor 2 should be up next week....

  • The counter should work now........(crosses fingers)

03 July 2001

Run! Run while you still can!

  • Dear god, NO! Before we start this update, I'd like to apologize wholeheartedly for subjecting  the general public to this. I should have seen it coming, and taken appropriate steps to stop it. (I.E. a nova bazooka.) As an experiment, we decided to lock Lady Nightshade and butterfly girl together in a room with sugar. The result? our newest off da wall! read it, if you dare....

  • I've almost completed Sonic Adventure 2 now! Mail me and tell me how well I've done or I'll shut the site down in a fit of rage....

  • As you can see from our sign, our counter has gone AWOL. I'm trying to fix it, but Sonic 2 is REALLY good.......  ~_^

29 June 2001

I Dragged myself away from Sonic Adventure 2 to update, so you better bloody well appreciate it...

  • We have a new interviewer! Read Butterfly Girls's interview with Nancy Songwite now

  • Want to see Starfox adventures in action? Click here to go to our news article

19 June 2001

  • Yes, I know this is a Starfox page, but I couldn't help myself from paying tribute to my all-time favorite gaming hero, for this week is:


The world's favorite primary-coloured hedgehog

  • Still not enough to get you excited, huh? Well, try this:

Sonic Adventure II. 'Nuff said.

  • Still not enough? Well that's all I've got. Go on- bugger off here, maybe this'll convince you...

Sonic Team.Com

  • In non Sonic stuff, I've finally figured out how to put a counter on the page. Woo-Hoo!

  • Another new interview: Kayn Slamdyke’s Interview with Katt Monroe. Check it out here

  • Don't forget Jolteon's new interview

  • I'm really busy at the moment, so there is an interview backlog. There are 9 interviews waiting in the wings, but it'll take time, as I have to convert them to .HTML

14 June 2001

  • We have a new interview: Jolteon's interview with Bill Grey and Fara Pheonix - or is it? Check it out here

  • We have a new off da wall submission. What would happen If King K.Rool and King Bowser Koopa went one-on-one? Probably this

05 June 2001

  • Once again, The all-conquering Lady Nightshade has graced us lowly mortals with an interview. read it here

  • We have two new submissions in off da wall: It's now getting to the point where I'm genuinely scared to update that section....

  • The Cast list page has been updated, mainly due to SOMEONE (Looks at L.N.) constantly pestering me. Ah, well. I aim to please....

  • In case you've been a coma for the past month, here's a reminder to check out the new Starfox game:

New starfox game? Made by Rare? On Gamecube? ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!

          Hopefully, I'll have more info on the game later in the month....


18 May 2001



Big, shiney, starfox logo - thingy.....


25 April 2001

  • A brand-spanking new section is here; off da wall check it out. (Note: Mental health insurance advisable....)

  • Not one, not two, but SEVEN new interviewers, all done by Stacy Cornbred. More next week

  • This site now has techno-jiggery stuff! We now use internet time, hence the pretty display in the navigation menu. Still confused? Click here to find out more

  • All the music has been changed round to confuse people. BAHAHHAHAHAHH!!!!


14 April 2001

  • Happy Easter! may you eat chocolate until you explode....

  • Kayn has graced us with yet another interview. Read it here

  • I have created a new MIDI Check out GS stadium


10 April 2001

  • I have changed the music on the main page. Why? Because it is my site and I can bloody well do what I want.

  • I have made a new MIDI for the downloads page. listen to it here

  • We have a New interview by Kayn Slamdyke. Check it out here


05 April  2001

small update this time....

  • sorry for the lack of an April fools prank. Quite frankly, I couldn't be arsed.

  • A few small changes and things fixed, including the Cast list  

16 March 2001

No! You can't make me do it! You'll never take me alive! OKAY!!! I'll update the site......

  • An interesting news article concerning Gamecube Starfox. Check it out here

  • We have a new Interviewer! Read Raptor's interview with everyone here

  • Cast list has been updated. Hopefully, the music will work now.

  • Jolteon has new music (due to the old one being too complicated for some soundcards) and has corrected some errors. Lady Nightshade also has a new background and button.

  • ummm, forget what I said about a survey last time. I kinda got mixed up...


02 March 2001

  • A slight change to Jason's main page. check it out, along with his new interview here. 

  • We now have a survey (ducks as weapons are hurled at him) I know they're evil, but this one is simple, even by American standards...


29 February 2001

  • Wa-hay! Another new interview! read Jason's Interview with Falco and Katt here

  • advanced warning: expect a new interviewer here next week........


22 February 2001

  • A new interview is here! Read Jolteon's interview with Andrew and Peppy here

  • I've had to add/change the cast list section, because a) I missed some people and  b) someone pointed out I could get the pants sued off me. check it out here

  • Just a reminder: have you got the Andes font yet? It'll really make the page look better. download it here


16 February 2001

  • wo-hoo! A new section has been added. The Interview cast page lists everyone who appears in one of our interviews with a brief description. Check it out here

  • A few minor changes to the rest of the site has been made, mainly SPG.

  • I must apologies to Jarron Woodsorrel for not giving him credit for sequencing the "Brambles" Music on the contacts page


14 February 2001

  • Well, the site has launched. Expect "regular" updates. (By regular, I mean every other blue moon that falls on a Tuesday) So feel free to stumble around and let us scare you. Believe me, we will.

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